Since 2000 the BAA implemented or partnered to several projects:

2000 - "Harmanlyiska cheshma - risk excavations released by students team from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski" (Open Society Foundation).

2001 - "Localization of the archaeological sites in the area of Vratsa district" (Open Society Foundation).

2001 - Realisation of an Exhibition "Copies of the Antique pottery examples, discovered in Roman funeral tumulus near town of Harmanly", September 7 - 16, Gallery of foreign arts Sofia (Open Society Foundation). For the exhibition was published a special education book target to the young people "What do you know about … Tumulus" (Sofia, 2001)

2003 - "International archaeological summer camp Mezdra 2003" (South - East European Youth Network).

2003 - "ARCHAEOLOGIA IUVENTA" - students researches in Archaeology (Open society Foundation).

2004 - Organisation of the "Archaeological excavations - Mezdra 2002-2003". Publication of the popular science book devoted to the archaeological heritage in Mezdra area "The Antique monuments in Mezdra district" (Mezdra 2004).

2004-2005 - "Studies on the first Agricultural civilization in Bulgaria. Ohoden-Valoga" (National fund "Culture", Ministry of Education and Science").

2007 - Project "Creation and Promotion of Archaeological Thematic Park "Mezdra-Kaleto" and Information Center “Bulgarian – North-West".

2007-2008 - International archaeological summer field school "ANISTE - a Roman road station and villa".

2008-2011 - International archaeological summer field school "CONBUSTICA - a Roman military camp and Late Roman fortress".

2009-2012 - "Help to preserve the biggest archaeological site in Northern Bulgaria – CCOLONIA ULPIA TRAIANA RATIARIA".

2016-2017 - "Cultural monuments on the territory of Svoge municipality". Research project for identification and localization of the archeological and cultural monuments located on the territory of the municipality.

2017 - "Ratiaria Semper Floreat" - UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers 2017. Организиране и провеждане на международен доброволчески лагер за опазване на архитектурните останки в Ratiaria.

2018-2019 - Civil initiative for preservation, socialization and development as an attractive tourist destination of Site 2, located on the route of the Struma Motorway, LOT 3.1. in the land of the village of Zelen Dol and the village of Pokrovnik, municipality Blagoevgrad, known as SCAPTOPARA.

Archaeological sites and excavations launched and supported by Bulgarian Archaeological Association